Douglas & Moore Real Estate Inc. is a family business established in 1990.   Officers of the corporation are all professionals with extensive backgrounds in architecture, construction and finance.  The objective of the business has always been to provide our clients with an overall service.  Our commitment to our clients is long term.  We do not just work on individual transactions, we look at your real estate portfolio within the health of your overall financial picture.  We believe that the right lifestyle for you and long term financial wealth are the road to happiness and we are committed to walking the path with you.




Nina Moore, Realtor/Broker is an experienced Realtor with a strong financial background.  She has a BA in English Language and Literature, a Masters in Management Information Systems and Computers and has studied for a Ph.D. in Business Administration at Bernard Baruch College, New York and Golden Gate University, San Francisco.  She completed 45 credit hours towards her degree with Marketing Major. 

She taught Marketing, Marketing Research, Consumer Behaviour and Advertising at FIT, The City University of New York and Bernard Baruch College, New York.  She cultivated  a strong financial background through her work in Mortgage Banking and wholesale lending in California.  She is co-founder of  Douglas & Moore Real Estate Inc. on the Peninsula and responsible for extending their services to Southern California. She is professional, reliable and commited to her clients, many of whom have become close friends over the years. 






Donald Douglas,  has a diverse background in business.  His extensive knowledge of the Peninsula and Los Angeles is derived from having been a Californian for over 45 years.  Originally from Chicago where he had been studying for a degree in architecture, his career took a detour into Corporate Retail which took him around the country and finally landed him in California where he has owned several businesses over the past fifty years. He co-founded Douglas and Moore Real Estate Inc.  capitalizing on his experience and construction background in his real estate business.  He is knolwedgeable, resourceful, determined and professional. 



 Enjie Azzam, has a BA in Architecture that serves as a foundation for her real estate abilities coupled with the extensive knowledge she gained at the outset of her career as an Executive Sales Manager, Public Relations Manager then General Manager with Hilton International.  She has also owned her own travel agency and is currently responsible for running the loan processing and customer services as well as marketing for Douglas & Moore Real Estate Inc.

A mother of four, she is amazing in her ability to balance her business, home and her children.  Infinitely dependable and very efficient and gracious.



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