Residential & Commercial Real Estate
Our dedicated professionals servePalo Alto & Menlo Park, Los Alto, Mountain View, Atherton, Redwood Shores, & surroundingcities in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.Nina Moore has been serving Silicon Valleycities for more than 30years. Our offices have been located in Palo Alto Central onCalifornia Avenue's business district for all these years.Our Residential & Commercial Real Estate sales and marketing package includes property staging & design.
Luxury Homes
Over the past three decades, Silicon Valley, with Palo Alto right in the center of it all, has seem the advent of the fast paced cyber world that has impacted all aspects of life. Palo Alto and nearby cities became the hub for computer companiesdeveloping everything from video games to film animation. Being next to Stanford University & Medical center, having an outstanding school district together with the venture capital and biotech firms in the area, substantially increased the demand for housing and gave rise to a sharp increase in property values. With little inventory and fewer homes going on the market, an alternative to buying up became remodeling or demolishing and rebuilding new large luxury homes. With the market changing so drastically, the last few months of sales was no longer a viable indication of market value. Donald Douglas developed a measure for value by creating a story board for Old Palo Alto homes. He identified and assigned value to homes that were remodeled and rebuilt and which had no record of being sold. The story board and the prior months sales provided a more accurate picture of the market condition and market value of the area. With time, remodeled homes started reselling.
Client Testimonials
With more than a quarter of a century in the business, we have developed close & lasting relationships with many of our clients. In managing our clients' listings and sales, we have done so with a focus on the long term health of their portfolios. Here are some of what our clients are saying.
Staging & Design
First impressions make all the difference. Today, design and staging are essential in the sale of property. Highlighting a home's beauty and distinctive features accentuates its value and appeal to buyers. We stage and design our listings so that they...
Feng Shui
Energy is the essence of life.Breath is the flowof energy through our bodies. Similarly, there is a flow of energy through a home and a structure. Feng Shui is the art of placement which allows energy toflow with easethrough a home, djusting and shifting the flow of energy, capturing light & colorin a property, enhances its appeal and a buyer's connection to with it. It is said that placing a Lucky Bamboo in the Center of a unit brings good health and good fortune. Feng Shui is also part of our Marketing package.
Gift Center
Each home has its own distinct personality as such, staging, design and Feng Shui are specific to each individual property. Unique purchases are made for each property. Over the years, we have accumulated a large inventory much of which will be gradually offered through our Gift Center. Furniture, accessories, books and records are among the many items offered.
Community Service
Giving back is an expression of appreciation for what life has offered us. It is a measure of gratitude for the goodness in our lives. We have always given back through multiple philanthropic organizations.Nina Moore has beena long time active member of the Palo Alto RotaryClub and a member of the Palo Alto Woman's Club. There are two philanthropic endeavors currently in the making.
Going Green
For us, going green is also giving back ... to our environment. ...How amazing is it that for every out breath ... a plant takes our carbon dioxide and turns it right back into oxygen. Our sustenance and shelter is all from the environment. So, in appreciation, we practice an environmentally friendly lifestyle and do as much as we can to conserve and sustain natural resources.
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