First impressions make all the difference. Virtual as it may be at this time, design and staging remain essential in the sale of property. Highlighting a home’s beauty and distinctive features accentuates its value and appeal to Buyers. We stage and design our listings so that they are warm and inviting with plenty of live plants that keep the atmosphere fresh and vibrant. Landscaping and curb appeal are so important today more than ever due to the limiting showing parameters we find ourselves in.

FENG SHUI & the Energy flow in a property
Energy is the essence of life. Breath is the flow of energy through our bodies. Similarly, there is a flow of energy through a home and a structure. Feng Shui is the art of placement which allows energy to flow with ease through a home, Adjusting and shifting the flow of energy, capturing light & color in a property, enhances its appeal and a buyer’s connection to it. It is said that placing a Lucky Bamboo in the Center of your home, brings good health and good fortune. Feng Shui is part of our Marketing package. Ask me about Feng Shui tools and our arrangements of Lucky Bamboo.

Energy Alignment of the Energy Flow in our bodies
Because energy is the essence of life, it is important to clear our bodies for energy to flow freely allowing for vitality and that pep in our step. Much of that is esoteric and just as I clear the energy in a property, I clear the energy in & around the body making way for physical and personal shifts.