Nina, Life Bio

A glimpse at who I am may be summarized best in the following
“Long Time Rotary Members Zoom Talk” I gave in 2020.
Up-dated 2023

My career did not happen by DESIGN, it just evolved and is a product of my upbringing.  My mother, grandmother & aunt were very strong role models.  Love, kindness, compassion & giving were things I grew up with & ARE the core theme in my life & work.

I am one of six, my mom was one of six & my dad was one of eleven. In such a large family, I was acutely aware of the collective & the needs of others,  for me, especially the elderly …. Because, of my closeness to my grandmother.  

For the past 35+ years, I have been a Realtor & Broker.  Ironically my very  first job at seventeen was in a real estate office!  I loved working & the freedom it gave me so I always worked.  That was half a century ago in a totally different world … 

One fun job I had when I was starting out, was assistant to a Japanese reporter for the Yomiuri Shimbun.  THE HIGH FOR ME then,  was covering the press center when he was out in the field.  

I got a BA in English Language & Literature & a Diploma in Management & a Masters in Management Information Systems & computers. While I was completing My Master’s Degree at the American University of Cairo, my Mom, who was a Diplomat in New York, calls me up … “what are you doing in Cairo … I am here ..  finish up & come over, I got you enrolled, non-matriculate  into the PhD Business Program at Bernard Baruch College!

OK, so New York, here I come!  While in New York, I taught Marketing, Marketing Research & Consumer Behavior at Bernard Baruch College & the City University of New York …. THE HIGH FOR ME then, was when I taught at the Fashion Institute of Technology … I loved walking down the halls of that school… the beauty, the styles, the colors .. everyone was so ornate.  That is where I got hooked on design .. !!
It was fun being in New York in the early 80 & Disco time.

Fast forward a few years, I get another call  from Mom …. What are you doing in New York?  I am here … come over! …. she got assigned to San Francisco …  OK, so California, here I come … I went into banking,  Mortgage lending, WAS INTRODUCED INTO THE SAN FRANCISCO ROTARY, MET DONALD, GOT MARRIED, moved to the Peninsula & established Douglas & Moore Real Estate  .. THAT WAS  more than 35 years ago.  

I combined my background in finance, my education, my love for people & my instinctive feel for their needs, with real estate and I became a Realtor & Mortgage Broker.   I was different in how I did business, I managed real estate portfolios.  It was about the long-term perspective, lifestyle & the relationships.   

I always thought out of the box, I ONCE put a dog in a contract, we saved the home of a widow from going off the cliff in Pacifica, we did landscaping & curb appeal before that was a “thing” …  so many stories of humanity over the years… 

I was President of Palo Alto Central Commercial for 5 years during which I got 4 litigations settled, went ten rounds with the City of Palo Alto to rezone Palo Alto Central … WE ended up with a partial rezoning which, was a win.  My real estate office is till here ..  I mediated  property ‘family feuds’!  My work took me wherever I needed to go for my clients,  from San Francisco to San Jose & East Bay, Las Vegas & a few East Coast properties.  I loved what I did and had fun with it… THE HIGH for me WAS WHEN I WAS FINED AT ROTARY FOR SHOWING UP IN the Wall Street Journal as one of top 200 Luxury Home Agents in the nation …..!!! 


I could barely walk for a while, then it was 2 crutches then 2 canes, all the therapy, the pain killers, etc.    I had to re-invent myself & like a phoenix, rise from the ashes. 

I became a Listing Broker, added staging, design & energy work, changing space with the art of placement & added  Feng Shui then added  Property Management to what I did.  

Over 35 years ago, I was introduced to the Rotary Club of San Francisco, Thank You Professor Harry Homan.  Then 28 years ago, I was introduced to the Palo Alto Rotary, Thank You Betsy Bechtel.  I love being a Rotarian &  the many avenues of service through which it contributes.  There is a sense of belonging, sharing, &  learning. 

Over the years the support has been phenomenal.  I Chaired several committees but am likely more known for being the longest running Social Chair!  Ten consecutive years… Ten Presidents … 56 events of which sixteen were Holiday Parties …   THE HIGH for me was when Dick Freeman wrote ME A poem for all THE PARTIES  and it  made it into the Pinion … 



It has been almost 6 years now.  I had to re-invent myself  yet again & rise like a phoenix once more.
The love & support that I received from Rotary  is humbling. THANK YOU, I AM SO GRATEFUL.

Today, I have an acute awareness that everything is finite.  Everything became different after going through the Sci-Fi Movie that was our life for almost two years.

If nothing else, I am resilient … surmounting so much including an accident in 2022 that left me with a spine fracture where I was immobile,  staring at the ceiling for months !!    I am so fortunate ..  I am truly endowed with my neighbour, a Mother Theresa who saw me through that!!

One year later, I am back at the office and I continue to be
a Realtor & Listing Broker, Dedicated to Serving.

After more than 20 years of staging my own listings, I have a large inventory of  luxury home furnishings & accessories, from mahogany tables, carpets & lamps to oil paintings.  A few items can be found on display at my office.  Everything is going for sale online at NinaMoore.Me soon

My office is located at the entrance of  Palo Alto Central on California Avenue where it has been for the past 35 years.

Call me for any information at (650) 326-3306
If you are Planning to Sell, Buy or Remodel
Or for Home Staging, Feng Shui,
Or an Energy Alignment